Wooden Wall Letters – 3 Tips For Painting Nursery Letters

Wooden wall letters are a very popular way to decorate a baby nursery room. Wooden letters are available in many different styles. It is very common to spell out your baby’s name in their nursery but you do not have to limit it to just names. You can also spell words such as “Dream” or “Princess” to decorate their room. If you are very crafty you can buy unpainted wooden letters and paint them to match your baby’s room decorations perfectly, no one knows your taste better than you. In this article I am going to give you some ideas on how to paint wooden nursery letters.


Painting your wooden nursery letters in a solid pattern is probably the easiest and fastest way to paint your wooden letters. Solid white paint will easily match many different decors. For a different approach try painting the letters in matching pastel colors. Also try alternating the colors for each letter.


Painting stripes takes more time compared to solids but it adds such a nice touch to your wooden letters. Instead of adding stripes to all of your letters try alternating with solid color letters. Experiment with different ideas like a solid bottom letter with vertical stripes on the top of the letters.

Matching Bedding

Another idea to paint your wooden wall letters is to match your baby’s bedding. If your letters are wide you can try to incorporate some of the patterns and shapes onto the letters. For example, if your bedding has cars or trains why not paint some cars, traffic lights or stop signs on the letters. Let your imagination go, there are so many ways to decorate.

These are just some of the ways you can decorate your wooden wall letters. Take the time and enjoy the moment as they grow up very fast.

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