The Why and What of Mixology Certification

Why get a Mixology Certification?

If you want to become a bartender, one certification that you should have under your belt is the mixology certification that an established bar tending school offers upon course completion.

When you’re going out to find a job, it is always better that there are items up your sleeve that will support your credibility and make it easier for the employer to choose you. For a bartending job, the mixology certification gives you the credibility that the employer is looking for!

Certifications alert your prospective employer of your abilities and potential and will make an impression on them. Remember that in this world today, it does not matter what you know, but rather what you can prove you know. Any evidence you have, such as diplomas, recommendation letters, portfolios, and certifications will ultimately help your case.

The purpose of a mixology certification is to be able to quickly show other people that the holder, whose name is written on the certificate, has successfully accomplished a certain course and will imply that the person has the knowledge, skills and abilities of a professional bartender.

About Mixology

Mixology is the art and study of creating alcoholic beverages that will be served to customers. This science instills into a person basic and advanced knowledge about the different styles and techniques that every bartender should know. It also develops your knowledge and awareness about the different recipes and ingredients to create the cocktail desired by customers.

There are a lot of cocktails currently available and there are new cocktails being invented everywhere.

Having a mixology certificate tells prospective employers that you have taken the time and effort to learn many of these recipes and know how to make them, definitely a good thing.

Going through a bar tending course also teaches you the aesthetic properties, functions and effect of the use of different glasses and alcohol to people in order to always achieve the desired effect. Presentation is an important part of drinking, which is why bartenders need to know not only the recipes to create a certain cocktail but also how to properly present them to customers so that they will have more pleasure enjoying the drink. These preparations are not just aesthetic but it also has a function.

Having this certification will certainly help you become a bartender and acquire the jobs that you want. The things written above are just some of the things that you need to learn in order to become a great bartender but having the certificate tells the people around you that you are already great.

Anyone who wants to become a bartender, either in the USA or abroad, should have a mixology certification because it will certainly impress a prospective employer and give them the knowledge needed to be a professional bartender.