Soul Healing

Before we can tread the path of soul healing, there are two important questions to be answered.The first is pretty obvious; what is soul? The second is a little more complex; why does the soul need healing?

Let’s get these questions answered.

What is Soul?

• Soul, is that immaterial (non-matter) part of the human being, which is immortal and forms the essence of life.

• The important words in the above definition are, ‘Immaterial’ and ‘Immortal.

• Immaterial, means that the soul is intangible. It cannot be seen, touched, felt or measured.

• Immortal, means the soul does not die. If you’ve ever heard or even used the term ‘passed away’ or ‘passing away’, in connection with someone’s death, what it actually means, is that the body is dead but the soul (which is immortal), has passed onward.

• Since the soul is intangible and not something we can track, (except when it leaves the body!) there is no way of knowing where the soul goes. But one thing is certain, it is the fundamental requirement of life, the very source, without which, man cannot be alive.

• In various mythological and religious concepts, it is believed that the soul cannot be made impure. The soul cannot be hurt or even created or destroyed.

There is a well-known stanza in the religious text, Bhagvad Gita, where the Hindu God Sri Krishna, tells Arjun that the soul never dies. Just like man changes clothes, discarding the first and wearing a new one; the soul too merely changes bodies. Even in science, it is one of the most debated and yet agreed upon fact that the soul is the only thing, which when leaves the body, a person is dead in all senses.

When we talk of people who suffer from multiple organ failure or are brain dead, but still alive, we are in fact, talking of the existence of the soul in the body. Till the soul leaves, there is life.

Why does the soul need healing?

From the above explanation, we can conclude that the soul cannot be affected by human intervention. The soul is absolutely beyond human force. Then the question arises, why does the soul need healing?

• The soul may not be hurt the way the body is hurt, but the soul is often injured in experience. Like the mind, the soul too is affected by what we go through in life. But since it is non-matter, we cannot measure the pain or hurt.

• In order to be in line with our true selves and to be the best version of ourselves, the soul needs nurturing. It needs to be healed from all the negative experiences and be brought on track to live positively.

Soul healing is different from traditional psychotherapy, where the focus is purely on healing the pain that stops one from living life to the best of ones abilities.

• Soul healing is a step ahead. When we talk of soul healing, we talk of a combination of psycho-spiritual healing, whereby a person can live the optimum life and be on the best track for highest achievement.

• Put simply, psychotherapy is about fixing what is broken and soul healing is about expanding into your potential and fulfilling your highest destiny.

When we talk of our soul, we talk not only of our mind, but of our being. There is a much larger concept to our being than simply the physical body and mind.

There is a belief in Hinduism and other prominent religions, that various activities affect the soul very deeply. Though the soul cannot be hurt by human force, the impact of human actions is very deep.

Something like lying, which may cause no major harm to those around us, to killing someone, which is the highest among sins, the soul is greatly impacted.

A nurtured soul is one which is able to reflect on its actions, form strong relations, maintain those relations, do well and be the best it can be.

Let us now understand the workings of soul healing.

How soul healing works

• To begin with, soul healing is founded on the belief that this current life, is one life in a series of incarnations. The concept of incarnations, is common is religions like Hinduism, however not so much in others.

• The soul is never destroyed, it keeps changing bodies. But in every life, the soul carries the burden of actions from the past life. This includes all good deeds and bad ones.

• The purpose of soul healing is to ensure that the past-life actions or karma, can be cleared, all debts thereof are paid and that there are no further debts being carried into the next life.

• It is process of cleansing the soul of all that was wrong and ensuring that it travels into the next journey, completely cleansed of sin.

• In soul healing, interactively guided trance journeys are used to access lower, middle, and upper spiritual worlds and work directly with the compassionate spirits and places of healing and wisdom that are a part of non-ordinary reality.

• It is said that, experiences that occur on soul healing journeys to non-ordinary reality have a profound impact on your day to day life and are a primary vehicle for change.

How does soul healing help?

1. It Improves all areas of life. All aspects, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual are enhanced.

2. It Improves interpersonal relationships.

3. It Helps heal painful past experiences and clears old hurtful memories.

4. It clears the conscience of any guilt or pain it may experience.

5. Helps you find and live out the real life you were destined to live

6. Helps you move forward in life and towards a better journey.

How to heal the soul?

There are a few common steps that most soul healing societies accept as common procedure. It is said these are ways to begin a healing process, which is in fact a life long journey.

• Never hurt anyone. Not yourself, nor the ones around you. Live and let.

• Take responsibility for your actions. Never override your conscience or inner voice.

• Always be of service to others. Everyone in this world is another soul looking for liberation. Acknowledge it.

• Humility in all situations and acceptance that you are merely a vehicle for the soul. You came empty handed and that is how you shall leave.

The concept of soul healing seems very strange to those who have never read about it before. Many eastern religions are based purely on the idea that the ultimate aim is to become one with the Supreme Being.

This concept of becoming one with the Supreme Being, is what is called Liberation or Moksha. Attaining moksha is the only way, in which the soul finally stops wandering from one body to another.