Commercial Property Agency – Golden Rule for Agent Success in Sales and Leasing

In commercial real estate agency sales and leasing, many times you will just feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do. It’s a common problem and it has a simple solution. Solve it you must or your career will falter.

You have a choice everyday; you can do ‘stuff’ or you can do ‘important stuff’. The word important relates to you and your focus. Your clients, your listings, and finding your prospects should have your full and undivided attention. When you work on commission based income, your personal focus and action must be protected and centred on just those 3 things.

  1. Clients that need your help with property sales, leasing or management
  2. Listings that should be sold or leased
  3. Prospects that are considering entering the property market

When you fail to deal with the big and important issues like these, the job and your career will lose focus. That is the beginning of stress and a lower bank balance.

In most cases this focus problem happens when salespeople have failed to deal with the big and difficult things regularly. Let’s face facts; most of us will by choice avoid some things simply because we do not want to do them.

Putting things off is a big problem for sales teams and sales people in the real estate industry. Putting things off does not help you with listings or commissions; the process can make you poor.

Top sales and listing performers do not put off the difficult and essential tasks; they do them. They know that they just have to be done and they set about doing them.

Do the things that really matter each and every day. They usually are:

  • Prospect for new business
  • Research your market for more people to talk to
  • Enter your prospecting results into your database
  • Follow-up on old contacts and leads
  • Market your existing listings
  • Keep in contact with your clients

These things create new opportunity. If they are not done, then the business and listing opportunity does not come your way.

Each and every day in a real estate agency it is very easy to take on tasks that really have no meaning or benefit to you individually; you are simply pleasing some other person that wants the task done. The basic rule to break through on this problem is that only the essential tasks should take personal priority; the other less important issues can be done later when time is less critical.

Learning the art of saying ‘no’ or ‘later’ is a skill of importance to high achievers. Protecting your time will give you more ability to chase new business and new clients; in this market that is really important. Excuses are of little benefit when you have to put food on the table for your family.

Make no mistake here, the commercial real estate market is full of great opportunity even when things are tough in the economy; your success in listings and deals center on company’s such as Spitalfields office space management team. Nothing should stop you prospecting every day. When you reach this new mindset the industry takes on a new perspective.