Can You Make Money in the Christmas Light Installation Business?

Can you make money by being a Christmas light installer?! So many people have wondered whether Christmas Light Installation was a profitable business, or just something to do when strapped for cash in the holiday months. Well rest assured, it’s a very profitable business model, and excellent as an add-on for window cleaners or landscapers who wish to supplement their income during the winter.

The Holiday lighting is a huge industry and you can certainly make a lot of money, even for just working 3 months out of the year. Estimates say that the Christmas light installation business has seen an 800% growth over the past 6 years! This kind of expansion is set to continue and ramp up exponentially!

The market for Christmas light installers is not yet saturated, so you have plenty of time to create a profitable business, and, if you already manage your own construction or home installation business working with other appliances, then you will certainly have success. Even those with no experience have made as much as $20,000 within their first 8 week season as Christmas light installers! With Christmas light installation, you can work a total of 12 weeks and then completely relax the rest of the year because you’ll be pulling in such huge profits.

The greatest thing about Christmas light installation is that it’s a very limited business model in terms of people who actively install. If you already work with other installation projects then you can expect your current customer base to be very helpful, and very willing to employ you. Even if you don’t have a business, securing your first few customers won’t be difficult, and the retainment rate is sky-high- you’ll get the same people coming back to you for your expertise year after year!

Did you know the average Christmas light installer makes upwards of $2000 in their very first day of work?! Learn more about getting huge paychecks from Christmas light installation by going to Christmas Light Installation Phoenix, AZ.