Available ADHD Treatments For Children With ADHD

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, as a parent, the first things you will want to know are the various ADHD treatments that could help your child. To date, there is no cure for ADHD. The treatments available are all designed to help the patients manage their symptoms so that they can continue to live normal lives.

Keep in mind that treating ADHD takes time; the various treatments available do not provide instant relief. ADHD sufferers are different; your child may not react to a treatment that worked on another child with ADHD. It takes trial error to find which treatment works best for your child.

With the help of a physician, your child may respond well to a combination of two or more treatments. Some of the more popular treatments include:

1. Using stimulants and antidepressants as a short-term remedy.

2. Using antibiotics (for bacterial infection) and probiotics (for replacing good bacteria in the gut).

3. Using neurotherapy to correct abnormal brainwave patterns.

4. Getting on a diet specifically designed for ADHD patients.

5. Undergoing family counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral intervention programs and behavior modification techniques.

Neurotherapy is a type of therapy that was developed based on positive results from a number of studies dealing with psychophysiology and neuroscience conducted in the 1960s. It has been shown that ADHD sufferers in general respond to neurotherapy, particularly if the focus is on stabilizing their brainwave patterns. In fact, there are many clinics located around the world that focus in this kind of ADHD treatment.

Another ADHD treatment many sufferers find to work is making changes in their diet and properly supplementing their nutritional needs. People suffering from this condition have been found to respond positively to a healthy, balanced diet specifically tailored for ADHD patients. If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, cut back on their intake of processed foods. These foods have too much artificial flavors, preservatives and additives. Ask a dietitian or a nutritionist to help you come up with a healthy, balanced diet for your child to ensure that he receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Your child may also benefit from counseling. Children with ADHD often find themselves in a lot of trouble at home and at school. As a result, they may feel isolated from and shunned by other family members and classmates. This can lead them to develop low self-esteem. They may even become depressed. It may be to your child’s benefit to undergo counseling with a child counselor whose specialty is ADHD children. Your child is not the only one who can benefit from counseling. You and other family members may want to have family counseling so you can be equipped with the tools you need to help your child cope with the disorder. In addition, family counseling will provide you with a better and clearer understanding of why your child displays the kind of behavior he is displaying.

Of course, the best person you can ask for different ADHD treatments is your doctor. He may even be able to recommend specialists and even programs specifically designed to help families with ADHD children.

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