A History of Dungeons and Dragons

Like many people, you may have heard of dungeons and dragons. In addition, you actually may know generally about how to play D&D. However, what you may now really have knowledge of is the D&D history. By way of this brief, informational article you are provided with a look at D&D history.

Dungeons and dragons history actually begins in 1974. It was at that time that two writers and game developers conceived the idea of D&D and made it a reality. E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson were these gentleman. Gygax owned a company known as Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. which first published D&D.

In considering the history of dungeons and dragons, most analysts and experts have come to agree that it was the publication of D&D that marked the beginning of modern role playing games. In addition, these men and women (in looking at the history of D&D) also agree that the the creation of this popular game also marked the beginning of the entire role playing game industry which has become a mammoth enterprise around the world today.

By 1977, D&D had split into two different levels of games. According to the history of dungeons and dragons, in that year a simpler D&D was on the market and a more complicated advanced D&D began to be played. In 2000, the simpler version of the game was discontinued all together with the introduction of the third edition of D&D onto the marketplace. Today, only the more complicated version of D&D survives.

During the 1980s, dungeons and dragons did experience some bad press (which eventually faded away, however). During that period of time, D&D wrongly was associated with both satanism and suicide. Indeed, media stories from that period actually do recount some rather bizarre stories associated with this game. But, again, these stories proved groundless and the controversy passed in time. Most people today do not even recall the controversy surrounding D&D at that point in time.

In tracking the history of dungeons and dragons, the game currently is owned by the huge Hasbro toy company through its Wizards of the Coast division. Indeed, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast will be releasing the much anticipated D&D fourth edition in 2008.

Some final thoughts on the history of dungeons and dragons:

* As of 2006, an estimated 20 million people had played the game.

* By that juncture in time, dungeons and dragons had generated more than $1 billion in sales.

* Currently, there are over 5.5. million regular players of dungeons and dragons.

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